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Finally Got My Desk Working Properly

I have been reading about working standing up since two years ago, finally stumble upon an affortable solution. This is what my desk looks like now.


Here is the original post.

So for any Taiwan folks reading this, here’s a list of things I bought:

Ikea item list

  1. LACK 邊桌 $245 901.616.73
  2. EKBY JÄRPEN 層板 $395 301.814.95
  3. EKBY VALTER 支撐架 $50 X 2 401.674.89
  4. Some bare screws

All of the items add up to about $740NTD. I got 2 tables for my dual screens, and bigger work space is really wonderful. I wished I had taken more pictures during the assembly, but it was pretty straightfoward.

After working without a chair for almost a month, my butt feels much tighter, and my legs have become stronger. However, I do fatigue much faster during my kung-fu class, it would probably improved after I am more used to the new workspace.