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Some Thoughts After Few Months of Freelancing


So, I finally got in to freelancing and roll with it for a few months, the result?

There’s Plenty of Jobs, But Not Enough Dough

And I learned plenty the hard way.

Read that EFF-ing Project Documentation

I am optimistic by nature, it gives me confidence, and … blinds my judgement. Hence I end up rebuilding things many times over. The second project was a redesign of their original WP catalog site, it was pretty run down even for Wordpress standards. So I was getting lazy and wanted to cut corners by implement yet another Wordpress, and PROFIT!


it turned out the function they want was a pain to build in Wordpress. Zero PHP experience and lack of prior knowledge with the framework didn’t help here. It was a month into the project for me to toss out everything and rebuild the project in Rails. If I had studied the customer criterias, I could have moved on to the next project already.

Leave no imagination space

For the first project (which I regretted ever took parts in… took up three months of my solid work hours, with ZERO returns) I was handed a zip with bunch of assets, and told “get it to run in rails”.

It turned out the htmls and assets was not meant for implementation in Rails. I was stupid to think it was simple and easy to implement.

They left big chunks of JS actions and CSS adjustment for me to do. And I was nowhere near the agreed schedule.

It looked mighty bad on my part, and rightfully so. It was not a project for me from the very beginning.

Not everybody wants the “Best Practice”

Rails enforced a series of best practices for building the web. RestFUL, Assets Precompiling, CSRF Tokens… just to name a few. It is great to quickly build reliable and secure web sites.

But… Not everybody wants it…

Yes, they just want it fast, and undercuts you. so yeah….

Work Fast

Speed is of the Essence

In the world of the freelancing, speed is everything. You don’t deliver, you don’t get paid.


Say No

Time is your biggest and only assets. - Somebody

So learn to say no will save you plenty of life and your sanity. and while you are on “saying no training wheels”, you are going to feel like an idiot plenty.

During the process of freelancing, you really learn to value your time and energy. Thinking too much about the money, you will get burn outs very quickly. You eventually learn the price tag for your line of skill. It is helpful for future employment and negotiation for cases.


If you want(need) something, Get rid of it. - Glenn Beck

Came across this quote and hold it as guidelines when I need to make a decision. When you think you need something that badly, you really need to take a step back and think about what you are willing to trade for your want/need. Anywho, until next time~ = )

ps. LOL It is Nov.4th now. took me 6 months to finish this post… need to get my acts together.