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Mickey Chen (陳育群)

I am his reindeer!

Taipei, Taiwan
GitHub: yuchunc


  • Tech Stack Ruby (Rails), Elixir (Phoenix), Javascript (React, Redux), GraphQL, HTML / CSS / SCSS
  • Environment Linux / Mac, Git, MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB
  • Language Mandarine/Chinese, English (TOEIC 960)


  • Optimis Corp / Backend Caveman Taipei, 2015/6 - Now Worked on critical pieces of business, including 3rd party insurance service integration, core business data structure design, and explored different tech stacks.

  • Self-Employed / Baby Wrangling Taipei, 2014/3 - 2015/6 Wanted to spend more time with our first born, me and my wife started our online charms store. I also took the time to learn at my own pace, and did freelance projects.

  • Babylike @ DoBao International Taipei, 2013/11 - 2014/1 Incharged of construction of the new site using Rails. As the only full-time developer, I was working with TDD, front-end technology, postgresql and migrating legacy data from the original WordPress site.

  • BBin Tech Taipei, 2013/7 - 2013/10 In charge of managing database, and the construction of admin interface. The databases include three MySQL, and one MongoDB,administrative interface was build using RoR.

  • Golf4Holland @ CodeGreen IT Taipei, 2012/5 - 2012/8 Responsible for remodeling an existing company site, using Ruby on Rails. As my first web development job, I learned a great deal during the period.


  • BS Medical Information Management @ KaoHsiung Medical University KaoHsiung City, 2006 - 2010 During my study at KMU, I was exposed to several programming language, and I was most familiar with Java, and was able to construct both ANN and GA from scratch. As for the final project, we concept prove using C# on Win Mobile. I was in charge of incorporating fall detection using accelerometers.


  • YiJing Diary A personal project, I was interested in YiJing, and thought I would make a easy app for generating gua.
  • Overtime Punchclock Was agitated at how much free overtime I was pulling. I made this to tally up all the hours, in effort to bring awareness to Taiwan’s work environment.